Oklahoma State University

Gamma Zeta

We are always in search of young leaders and talented students who are active in their community. People join fraternities because of the members; hence we spend time talking to potential new members, getting to know them on a personal basis. Our chapter conducts summer, fall, and spring recruitment. Fall and spring recruitment last for the first weeks of the semester, so be sure to contact us before then.

Our recruitment chair will receive your information and will contact you as soon as possible. Feel free to share any information you find applicable in the comments section. Go Pokes and Go Theta Chi!

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Letter to Parents

Parents of all future Oklahoma State University Greek Life students, welcome!  I understand that this is an exciting, yet stressful time for your lives.  Let me assure you that your son is about to embark on a great journey.  He is about to discover what he truly wants in life, and his choice to rush a fraternity will only aid in that discovery.  

I am sure there are concerns that you have about your son wanting to associate with Greek Life.  The media’s portrayal of what Greek Life is and what it stands for is grossly misinformed.  Greek Life, here at OSU, is about strengthening relationships and helping the community.  It is about pushing yourself academically and 
forming a bond between friends that cannot be expressed in words.  

Theta Chi is about encouraging one another to be the best we can be and living out our motto of, “The Assisting Hand.”  If your son decides to rush us, no harm will befall him.  Our local chapter and national chapter have a strict NO HAZING policy.  We feel that hazing is not indicative of true brothers and men.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our fraternity officers.  This is a special time in your son’s life and we hope that he decides to rush Theta Chi!

Former Recruitment Chair - Scott Browne

Letter To Rushee

Greetings to all interested in joining a fraternity at Oklahoma State University.  You’ve picked a great campus and a stellar Greek Life to be a part of! The hard part, now, is choosing which chapter you want to pursue.  

It can be a daunting task trying to figure out which fraternity you want to associate with for the next four years.  Doing your research and making an informed decision is vital to your future fraternity experience.  Don’t just choose a chapter because their letters look cool or they have the best house or whatever else can be enticing about certain fraternities.  Get to know the brothers!  Go to recruitment events and ask the hard questions.  Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  Be you, and don’t be anything else.  

The experience of a brotherhood is unparalleled, and the brotherhood of Theta Chi is the epitome of strength.  I invite you to come to our recruitment events, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  

Rushing Theta Chi was one of the greatest experiences in my life!  Theta Chi pushes you to be the best man you can be!  We want men who strive for academic excellence and are passionate about making a difference on campus, in the community, and in their own personal life.  If this describes you then, please, do not hesitate to rush.  

I hope to see you at our events.  Rushing and pledging Theta Chi is a great privilege that few get to experience.  Have a great day, and as always, RUSH THETA CHI!

Former Recruitment Chair - Scott Browne